Gina K.

Life changed the moment I stepped into the House of Hope and Healing.

Everything about my life started to change the first time I visited World Revival Church and the House of Hope and Healing. I remember visiting the House back in March of 2010. It was a bright sunny day. I was very hard, calloused and confused. 

It seemed as if I stepped into a different world when I walked into the House of Hope and Healing. It felt so light and peaceful. Everything about the building the outside, the furniture, fireplace and the way the greeters spoke to me, it made me feel safe and hopeful. 

As prayer minister took my information and opened up to me I fell instantly in love with her spirit. She displayed a radiance that I had never seen before. I wanted what she had, the kindness, the gentleness, the passion and the purpose. She knew what she was there for, and it was for me to be set free! God did something in me that day. I thought if I could sit in that seat and shine like the sun as she did, oh what a day that would be!

I know that the prayers that have been prayed at the House of Hope and Healing are heard and answered over and over again by our God. Lives are changed and the hope is restored every time someone calls or comes to the House. God is always faithful to show himself strong through the people volunteering at the House of Hope and Healing.