Today I had the privilege of volunteering at a place where lives are dramatically touched each week. I walked into the House of Hope and Healing and was greeted by Johnnie, a retired woman who regularly volunteers at the house. Many calls came in daily and Johnnie was praying for a person on the other end. Tell me, if you were in a desperate situation, where would you call? Where could you go that you could experience peace and the presence of God? Where would you go if you need healing?

Since 2003, the House of Hope and Healing has been an intricate part of the Kansas City metro area. This place as a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness. It’s a free source that some Kansas City natives don’t even know about. Each day volunteers are available to pray for your needs and we see results! 

As a prayer minister at the House of Hope and Healing I have felt the compassion of God being pouring out on people, who come in needing every ounce of prayer they can get. It is truly amazing! God wants his people to have hope, freedom and healing which is what this House displays. People are free from things that have kept them captive for years. In just moments people are healed and transformed just from coming into the house! Now tell me where can you go to be set free like that? Like the song says “Freedom reigns in this place, towers of mercy and grace.” Do you believe it? Come and see for yourself! The House of Hope and Healing is located at 9900 View High Dr. Kansas City, MO. Or call (877)804-LIFE, ex. 707. Please come and check out this wonderful, life-changing place!