Imagine a place of beauty, where people of all walks of life could go and receive prayer for any need they might have; a place set apart for prayer and the presence of God.

Pastor Steve Gray imagined just that, and now his dream is a reality – the House of Hope & Healing. It’s a welcoming timber frame home nestled in the woods and it is filled with faith-filled prayers that reach the throne of God.

The “Hope” in the House of Hope and Healing is crucial – when you receive ministry at the House, you will get your hope back! Hope is a confident expectation of God doing GOOD in your life. When hope gets restored to you, the healing will begin to flow naturally.

When you walk into the House, you will likely notice the peaceful atmosphere immediately. Many first-time visitors are immediately surprised by the peaceful presence of God that they experience when they enter the House. That peaceful atmosphere is no coincidence! The volunteer staff are intentional about maintaining the precious atmosphere of healing that dwells in the House. They spend their time there praying and worshiping, and welcoming God’s presence.

There is never a charge for coming to the House either. It’s 100% free and funded by donations. For those who live too far away to come in person, we offer prayer over the phone. Many people love calling the House, and are amazed by the power that goes them, wherever they are – even in other countries, there is no distance too far for the HolySpirit!

So why don’t you come by or give us a call today at 816.777.0707 and see for yourself what God can do! We look forward to meeting you!