From the Eyes of a Volunteer

Today I had the privilege of volunteering at a place where lives are dramatically touched each week. I walked into the House of Hope and Healing and was greeted by Johnnie, a retired woman who regularly volunteers at the house. Many calls came in daily and Johnnie was praying for a person on the other end. Tell me, if you were in a desperate situation, where would you call? Where could you go that you could experience peace and the presence of God? Where would you go if you need healing?

A Dream Come True – The House of Hope and Healing

Imagine a place of beauty, where people of all walks of life could go and receive prayer for any need they might have; a place set apart for prayer and the presence of God.

Pastor Steve Gray imagined just that, and now his dream is a reality – the House of Hope & Healing. It’s a welcoming timber frame home nestled in the woods and it is filled with faith-filled prayers that reach the throne of God.